Nighttime in Chicago

I was driving home at 8 pm tonight, Sunday night.  It was just about fully dark.  To get to my house, you drive up Lake Shore Drive and take the Foster Avenue exit.  Those of you who have visited Chicago may know we have a remarkable urban feature–miles of park on our lakefront, with wide sandy beaches packed with families in the summer, and a long clean biking/jogging path that travels for miles  along the city’s edge.  As we made the turn off the Drive, I saw a slim young woman jogging.  She had a long swinging pony tail sticking out of her baseball cap.  She was running north on the path into the dark.  Although the park is popular in daytime, there was no one else in sight on the running trail or anywhere else.  I thought, “she’s nuts!  What young woman in her right mind would go jogging in the park at night by herself?”  I was honestly upset and bewildered.  No sane Chicagoan would behave like that.  The situation–and my reaction–made me think of the security concerns about Mexico City.  That girl in Chicago was really putting herself in danger of being mugged or raped.  You can do that by being stupid or careless in any big city.  But I’m not afraid of my city, or that area of Chicago–you just know things like not to go to dark isolated places by yourself.


About Prudence Gourguechon

Dr Gourguechon offers psychoanalytically informed consultation to business, political strategists, the media, marketing specialists and policy makers.
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