Arlene and Arnie Richards’ “Letter From Mexico City”

The following letter from Arlene and Arnie Richards was posted to the APsaA email list on November 12.  It is reprinted here with permission from the Richards.

Back from Mexico City

We spent last weekend with colleagues in Mexico City. We were invited
by the three IPA societies to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the
IPA. We found the airport modern, safe and convenient. We could have
been picked up there by a hotel car and taken right to our
destination, but our friend Rosalba Bueno sent her own driver to take
us to the hotel. Once there we were wowed by the beautiful hotel
center with many architectural gems, great restaurants, a magnificent
park and several world class museums.

One of these museums is a new building with a new concept. It is a
museum of Memory and Tolerance. It displays the many instances of
genocide and racially based intolerance that have occurred in the past
with a view to never letting this happen again. It contains the first
ever memorial to those killed in the Armenian genocide.

The city felt safe and we learned that the murder rate there is lower
than that of Paris, London, New York and Chicago. The rest of the
country is safe unless you happen to be a dealer in the drug trade.
Ordinary citizens and visitors are of little interest to the gangs
that are at war with each other. But that trade is not routed through
Mexico City.

Media reports of violence sell newspapers and TV time because they
catch viewers attention. But they capture attention because they are
not representative of the everyday experience of people in that
country and they are totally different from the experience of being in
that city.

If you have been hesitant about going to the IPA congress, please
think again. Our colleagues there have planned excellent security,
exciting programs and experiences one can have nowhere else.

Arlene and Arnold Richards


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