Safety in Mexico City

Please visit Arnie Richard’s blog for a great deal of information on the IPA Congress, on  traveling in Mexico and on the safety situation in particular.

Arnie alerted us to this travel website blog post from Royal Resort news  which contains an excellent summary of the security situation.  It stresses the geography of Mexico in particular.  You absolutely cannot make an informed decision about travel to Mexico without looking at the geography.  The post just referenced quotes the travel minister:

Mexican Minister for Tourism Gloria Guevara Manzo gave another example by asking listeners if they heard about a violent crime in New York, would they cancel a trip to Birmingham, Alabama, 979 miles away, the answer would obviously be no. So why would an incident occurring thousands of miles away on the other side of Mexico affect a trip to the Mexican Caribbean?

This post is definitely worth checking out.  It contains detailed statistics on crime and travel, that taken together, make a compelling case that security should not be a concern for you in planning a visit to the IPA Congress this summer.


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