Report from late April–Mexico City (still) Safe and Beautiful

Daniel Paul, IPA member from California, visited Mexico City late in April, 2011 and reported to other IPA members on his experience there—essentially reporting that he felt very safe, which mirrors my experience last December, and Arnie and Arlene Richards’ last fall.  I continue to encounter some members who have negative fantasies about the security situation in Mexico City–their personal safety–that are wildly out of sync with the facts and the experiences of those of us who have actually travelled to this beautiful city to check things out.

Daniel writes:

I was in Mexico City for a few days at the end of April 2011. I want to share how safe I felt, because I know that safety has been a concern for some members. I walked on Reforma Avenue in the Chapultepec Park area. This boulevard was built by Porfirio Diaz and was intended to be Mexico’s answer to the Champs Elysees in Paris. The median strip is often decorated with many highly imaginative sculptures. I then walked two miles on Madero Street in downtown Mexico City, starting from Bellas Artes (Palace of the Fine Arts) all the way to the Main Cathedral Square, visiting old churches and museums a long the way. This was during the day. I felt very safe and experienced no difficulties.

For the rest of Daniel Paul’s report click here


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